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Do you love history? Do you enjoy cataloging artifacts or manuscripts? Are you interested in helping students conduct research? Is talking with people of interest? Are computers your pass-time? Whatever your interests, the HAHS invites you to become involved. We are volunteer-led and volunteer-driven. Our members are passionate about history and working with others. Please ask us how you might become involved.

Membership Categories: Student (21 or younger): $5
Individual: $25
Couple/Family: $45
Business/Corporation $100
Non-Profit/ Community Organization: $40
Digges' Choice: $100
Mathias Forney: $250
Please make checks payable to
Hanover Area Historical Society
and mail to: HAHS, PO Box 305, Hanover, PA 17331

The Hanover Area Historical Society Capital Campaign

The Hanover Area Historical Society was founded in 1965 by a group of twenty spirited individuals at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Martin. The founding moment, 48 years ago, was the beginning of the special and unique organization. It was affiliated with the York County Historical Society. Then, in 1975, the Society became a self-sustaining organization. Today we ask for your support to maintain and update our facilities.

Our Needs and Goals

Security is a necessity in order to protect and maintain the Society's properties.


Environmental control is required to protect and preserve the historic artifacts and documents in the Society's care. We also require air conditioning to see to the needs and comforts of our guests.


Educational programs for children and adults. Promoting and educating our visitors is an integral part of our mission.


Museum Artifact Conservation and Acquisition. The most important purposes are procuring, studying, preserving and displaying historical artifacts, records, and buildings and grounds. The Society's Museum Committee is collecting donations for conservation needs and acquiring artifacts for the Warehime-Myers Mansion and Neas House.


Historic Record Preservation. Our historic records are the Society's foundation. The documents in our Yelland Research Library are vital to our area because they serve as valid documentation and need to be maintained, inventoried, categorized, and stored in acid-free containers.


Garden maintenance is needed in order to maintain and preserve the historic integrity of our historic properties' gardens and grounds.


Restoration of the Warehime Myers Mansion's bowling alley. Our bowling alley is a unique feature and it has to be restored before it can be offered for public activities and rental events.


Expansion fo the Warehime-Myers Mansion parking area. Additional parking space is needed as the Society's educational and entertaining activities and rental events increase.


Carriage House Renovation Project. The Carriage House was built at the same time as the Warehime-Myers Mansion. Its structure used to house Carriage House conveyances of the Myerses. It our plan to make the Carriage House into the Society's Museum Exhibit and Gift shop.


Hanover Area Historical Society Membership Benefits

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