The year 2012 saw increased activity by the Museum Committee and its component, the Photographic Sub-Committee. Our most significant achievement has been a vast increase in the amount of data input into our PastPerfect museum database, thanks to Bea Haskins, our data entry specialist, with Sally Weiler coordinating the effort.

Tim Chinn assisted by Ralph Smith revised our catalog numbering system to include more classes of objects. Ron Shireman headed, and continues to head, exacting examination of old cataloging records and new record creation. Dr. Bob Martin undertook the effort to have several Neas family items conserved and protected, These objects will soon have a new life in their protected display cases and frames in the Neas House. Bob Leese and Martha Staub contribute items and objects from their personal collections for discussion and Committee education at our monthly business meetings.

The Photographic Sub-Committee sorts our large collection of imagery. Don Jamison, Dick Crouse, Jim Sennett and Ann Black examine, review and provide input to identify and label images which have over the years, lost their "identities" to insure accurate description for later use. In addition, the Photographic Sub-Committee has generated over five hundred dollars in revenue in sales of copies from the image colletion to restaurants, publishers and individuals. The Committee also liaises closely with the Yelland Research and Genealogical Library providing and exchanging materials as they arrive via donations.

The Museum Committee invites the membership to stop by any Monday morning for a tour of our facilities. Please call in advance (717-630-3179)

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Ken Weiler Co-Chairman, Museum Committee