Clausen Flags

The Clausen Historic Flag Collection was on display in the Pennsylvania Capitol, East Wing, Harrisburg, PA during June and July, 2016.

Please note:  The Clausen flag display was handmade by Will Clausen during the 1960’s to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Flag Day.  His vision was to tell the history of how America was shaped through flags of historical importance.  The flag collection is designed to be displayed in a timeline in a historical context.  History is a compilation of good and bad events.  It is important to tell the whole story and not gloss over negative historical events.  This is the 100th anniversary of Flag Day, and we do not intend to cause offense to anyone by presenting this historical display.  Hanover Area Historical Society



Debra Markle thanks Joe Despines for the Young Marine support to the Clausen Flag Exhibit.


Scroll down to the flag you wish to review and click on its title.

President Woodrow Wilson’s Proclamation of Flag Day

Southwestern High School Applied Manufacturing Project, Fall 2016

C1 Viking Raven Flag, circa: 1000 A. D.

C2 Spanish Flag, Circa: 1492

C3 Christopher  Columbus Flag, Circa: 1492

C4 Cross of St. George, Circa 1492

C5 Union Jack, Circa 1603

C6 Dutch East India Company 1609

R1 Gadsden Flag, 1776

R2 Providence, RI Artillery Flag, 1776

R3 Striped Rattlesnake Flag, 1775

R3A Current U.S. Naval Jack

R6 1st Battalion, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, 1776

R7 George Washington’s Commander’s Flag, 1777

R9 Philadelphia Light Horse, 1775

R10 Grand Union Flag, January 1, 1776

R11 Bunker Hill Flag, June 17, 1775

R12 Easton (PA) Flag 1775

R14 First Stars and Striipes, June 14, 1777 to May 1, 1795

R16 Bennington, Vermont Flag, 1776

R18 Fort Whetstone Flag, 1776

R19 First Navy Flag, 1777

R20 Liberty Flag, 1775 (1765-1777)

R21 Serapis or Texel Flag, 1779

R22 Continental Flag, 1775-1776

R24 Liberty Tree Flag, 1776

R26 Sons of Liberty Flag, 1776-1795

R27 The Bucks of America, 1776

R30 Rhode Island, 1776

R31 Taunton, MA Liberty Flag, 1774

R32 New England Flag, 1776

R34 New Hampshire 2nd Regiment, 1776

R35 Bedford Flag, April 19, 1775

R36 Col. Wm. Washington of Virginia, 1776

R37 Fort Moultrie, June 28, 1776

R39 Tallmadge’s Dragoons, 1776

R40 Hanover Associators, 1774

R41 Clasped Hands Flag, 1776

E1 Pennsylvania Militia National Colors, 1802

E2 Pennsylvania Militia, 1802

X9 The Jolly Roger, 1812

E3 Don’t Give Up the Ship, September 10, 1813

E4 Star Spangled Banner, 1794-1818

E5 American 20 Stars, 1818

E10 John C. Fremont Flag, 1842

E21 Philadelphia Centennial 1876,  and U.S. 37 Star Flag, 1867-1877

X1 Texas, The Alamo, 1824

X2 Republic of Texas, 1839

X3 Kingdom of Hawaii, 1791-1959

X4 California Republic, 1846

X5 Stars and Bars, CSA, March 14, 1861

X6 Southern Cross, CSA, 1863

X7 Bonnie Blue Flag, CSA, 1861

X8 Territory of Alaska, 1926

E29 U.S. 50 Star Flag, 1960





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