The Hanover Area History Museum(R) and the Warehime-Myers Mansion are now open for tours during regular hours. The Neas House is open on the 3rd Saturday of the month  or by appointment.

Please see the Calendar under the Program tab for Museum, Mansion and Neas House hours and fees.

Visitor Facilities and Accesses

Warehime-Myers Mansion and Neas House Historic Sites Parking

Warehime-Myers Mansion Parking – 305 Baltimore Street, Hanover

The Warehime-Myers Mansion parking lot is on the east  side of Doss Alley just off Hanover Street. During concerts and events visitors are allowed to park at the far end of the lawn off Doss Alley (weather permitting). Parking can be arranged for grounds and building events during rental space reservation.

Warehime-Myers Mansion Handicap  Parking:  Handicap parking spaces are expected to become available in the future.

Warehime-Myers Mansion Bus Parking: Parking spots are available for 2 buses on the right side of the parking lot.  Students should be let off in the rear parking area only.

Neas House Parking- Chestnut and High Streets, Hanover

 Neas House offers reserved parking for visitors, school buses, and the handicapped.  The parking lot is located just off W Chestnut Street.

Wheelchair Access

Warehime-Myers Mansion Wheelchair Access: A wheelchair access ramp is located on the right hand side of the Warehime-Myers Mansion.  It can be reached from the front of the building or the Doss Alley parking lot.

Neas House Wheelchair Access:  A wheelchair access ramp is located behind the Neas House leading from the Society’s parking lot which offers reserved spaces for visitors and school buses.

Public Restrooms

Warehime-Myers Mansion Restrooms: Public restrooms are available on the 1st and 2nd floors. The 1st floor restroom is to the right of the central staircase, and the 2nd floor restroom is at the top of the central staircase down the main hallway, near the elevator.  The handicap restroom is located on the ground floor and can be reached by way of an elevator in the Mansion’s 1950’s kitchen. There is a handicapped accessible restroom in the carriage house for outdoor events and the new Museum.

Neas House Restroom:  Neas House provides a restroom.

Public Telephones

A telephone is located at the front desk of the Mansion for emergency and staff use.  All historic sites have posted exit maps throughout the buildings.

ADA Accessibility and Our Society

The Hanover Area Historical Society strives to adhere to all ADA Accessibility guidelines to enhance every visitor’s enjoyment of our historic buildings or grounds and still preserve our historic buildings. A docent is always on duty to assist you.If you have any questions please call our office at (717) 632-3207. Thank you.