Our Leadership

Bea Haskins


K.C. Wright

president elect

Patricia Miller


Sharon Krebs


Keith Mummert


Philip Swope

Assistant Treasurer

Members of the Board

  • Lisa Benecke
  • Courtney Brickman
  • Richard Crouse
  • Patty Hegberg
  • C. Michael Noble, II
  • Jeff Rosenzweig
  • Kenneth Weiler
  • Barbara Wert
  • Zachary Zawisa

Committees and Chairs/Leads

  • Executive: Bea Haskins
  • Docents: James Schuman and Sharon Krebs        
  • Facilities: James Schuman, Phil Swope and K. C. Wright             
  • Financial: Keith Mummert
  • Gardens: Judy Bryant and Martha Young
  • Library: Mary Staub (Interim)
    •  Archivist: Marvin Muhlhausen     
  • Marketing: Patty Hegberg and Corky Brickman
  • Membership: Liz Webb and Pam Mosher
  • Museum: Ken Weiler and Zachary Zawisa
    • Photo: Dick Crouse
    • Neas House/Textile Team: Barbara Wert
  • Programs: Mikele Stillman
  • Travel: Pat Miller and Jeff Rosenzweig
  • Special ad hoc Committees:
    • Give Local York: Kathleen Wright
    • Human Resources: Patricia Miller
    • Youth Involvement: K.C. Wright
  • Ad Hoc Media:
    • Newsletter – Joyce Bromwell     
    • Website – Bea Haskins  
    • Social Media – Jill Rohrbaugh and Zach Zawisa