Yelland Research Library


The Hanover Area Historical Society library, named the Yelland Research Library, houses substantial collections of Hanover’s history and that of the surrounding communities. The library is open to the public 9-Noon on Fridays.   It is available for research by appointment Monday through Saturday (717-634-2525).  Also, library volunteers will perform research for you upon request.  Nominal donations are appreciated for this research; these help with our operating costs.

The library has about 800 books pertaining to Hanover area history, artifacts and antiques.  Numerous special document collections include family histories, civic and social organizations, businesses, industries, churches, schools, events and numerous other topics of area history.

Send your requests via one of the following:

  • Postal:  Hanover Area Historical Society, P.O. Box 305, Hanover PA 17331
  • E- mail:
  • Telephone:  717-634-2525

Special Collections

Some of the surnames on which we have especially good information are: Allewelt, Barnitz   (Wirt), Baum, Bechtel, Delone (Charles), Diller (Charles), Eichelberger, Gubernator (John), Hoffeins (Stewart), Smalling, Snyder, Tanger, Thomas, Trone, and Young.

Some well-developed topics are: AARP #669 & 1842, Bair/Feiser Funeral Home burials 1911-1955, Bank of Hanover/Hanover Savings Fund Society (including stock certificates), Battle of Hanover, Beethoven Club, Beta Sigma Phi, church & cemetery records, Clausen flag collection, Digges Choice, Fitz Water Wheel Co., Hanover Jaycees, Hanover Post Office, Hanover Red Cross, Hanover Shoe Co., Hanover schools (both HAHS collection and Hanover School Board collection), Joan of Arc Club, Mary Ann Furnace logs, oral interviews of Hanover area old timers, subject files (hundreds of topics of Hanover and area), surname files (several hundred names), Young family letters (1914-1946).

Family Bibles Presented to the Library

20160411-_jaa8455In 2016, Ed Angel of Littleton, NC twice visited the library and donated the Angel and Pfeffer Bibles.  These Bibles have valuable family records: marriage, birth, and death.

Contact the Yelland Research Library (717-634-2525) or Librarian Marvin Muhlhausen (

Interested in Schools?

We have some teachers reports from 1885 to 1920 that list students and their progress.  Also, information on Hanover schools at all levels, Delone (a small collection), South Western (a small collection), and country schools (some).  We have Hanover/Eichelberger yearbooks from 1921 to present, minus 2011.  And some Delone and South Western yearbooks.

From the Hanover School Board we have financial ledgers and school records, 1857-1961.  Also, many Orange and Black newspapers, and information on athletics, classes, and departments.

We welcome donations of school papers, photos, yearbooks, memorabilia, etc. of Hanover and surrounding area schools.

Pennsylvania Dutch

Yelland Research Library has positioned itself to help anyone wanting to learn the PA Dutch language and culture.  We have dictionaries and grammar books now augmented by the 2016 Mark Louden publication, Pennsylvania Dutch, The Story of an American Language.  As for culture, we have many books on their art and folk art, paintings and fraktur, antiques and artifacts.